Dear Qubes Community,

When we reflect on how the Qubes userbase has grown over the past few years, we are humbled by the number of people who have chosen to join us in entrusting the security of their digital lives to Qubes. We recognize the immense responsibility this places on us. This sense of duty is what drives our work to make Qubes as secure as it can be.

We are further humbled by the many generous donations that have been made this year. Qubes is protecting real people around the world in ever greater numbers, and many of you have shown your appreciation by giving back to the project. We are truly grateful for your support. Thank you.

Top Donors of 2017

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the top donors of 2017 (so far!):

  • 50,000 EUR from the VPN service Mullvad!
  • 10 BTC from an anonymous donor!
  • 10,000 USD from zby, angel investor!
  • 1,000 USD recurring annual donation from Eric Grosse!

Thank you to these donors and to everyone who has donated to the Qubes Decentralized Bitcoin Fund and the Qubes Open Collective! Your donations continue to fund work on Qubes OS. Thanks to your support, we’ve just released Qubes 4.0-rc1, and we’re getting ever closer to a stable release!

Our Work Continues

Today, Qubes safeguards tens of thousands of users around the globe in their work and personal lives, including every member of the Qubes Team. But the path here has been a long and difficult one, in terms of both the great dedication required of the team and the monetary costs that Invisible Things Lab has borne, and continues to bear, so that the project could continue throughout the years.

Without a doubt, it’s all been worth it. Qubes is our passion. It’s part of our lives. We’re gratified and exhilarated to see Qubes bringing real value to people around the world, and we’re more determined than ever to make Qubes the best free and open-source secure operating system it can be – for everyone. We know that many of you feel the same way we do. If Qubes is important to you, please consider joining us in supporting its ongoing development. Everyone’s support is valuable to us, no matter how large or how small. Together, we can ensure that Qubes is around to protect us all for a long time to come.

The Qubes OS Team