We’re pleased to announce the fifth release candidate for Qubes 4.0! This release contains bug fixes for the issues discovered in the previous release candidate. A full list of the Qubes 4.0 issues closed so far is available here. Further details about this release, including full installation instructions, are available in the Qubes 4.0 release notes. The new installation image is available on the Downloads page.

As always, we’re immensely grateful to our community of testers for taking the time to discover and report bugs. Thanks to your efforts, we’re able to fix these bugs before the final release of Qubes 4.0. We encourage you to continue diligently testing this fifth release candidate so that we can work together to improve Qubes 4.0 before the stable release.

The Qubes 4.0 stable release

If the testing of 4.0-rc5 does not reveal any major problems, we hope to declare it the stable 4.0 release without any further significant changes. In this scenario, any bugs discovered during the testing process would be fixed in subsequent updates.

If, on the other hand, a major issue is discovered, we will continue with the standard release schedule, and Qubes 4.0 stable will be a separate, later release.

Current Qubes 4.0 Users

Current users of Qubes 4.0-rc4 can upgrade in-place by downloading the latest updates from the testing repositories in both dom0 and TemplateVMs.