How to Remove VMs Manually

How to Remove a TemplateVM Manually

Try the normal method before resorting to these. All of the following commands should be executed in a dom0 terminal.


  1. Remove the TemplateVM’s directory:

    $ rm -rf /var/lib/qubes/vm-templates/<template-name>
  2. Remove the TemplateVM from qubes.xml:

    $ qvm-remove --just-db <template-name>
  3. Remove the TemplateVM’s *.desktop files from ~/.local/share/applications:

    $ rm ~/.local/share/applications/<template-name>*
  4. Remove the TemplateVM’s Applications Menu entry:

    $ sudo rm /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/<template-name>*


When a template is marked as ‘installed by package manager’, but cannot be uninstalled there, trying to uninstall manually will result in the error “ERROR: VM installed by package manager: template-vm-name”. Do as follows to be able to uninstall the template:

  1. Check the state of installed_by_rpm

    $ qvm-prefs template-vm-name
  2. If installed_by_rpm - True], mark the template as not installed by package manager

    $ qvm-prefs template-vm-name installed_by_rpm false
  3. Re-check the state of installed_by_rpm

  • If installed_by_rpm - False, remove the template like you would a regular qube:

     $ qvm-remove template-vm-name
  • If installed_by_rpm remains True, reboot your computer to bring qubes.xml in sync with qubesd, and try again to remove the template.