qvm-backup-restore - restores Qubes VMs from backup

| qvm-backup-restore [options] <backup-dir>

-h, --help
    Show this help message and exit
    Do not restore the data, only verify backup integrity
    Do not restore VMs that have missing templates or netvms
    Ignore missing templates and netvms, and restore the VMs anyway
    Do not restore VMs that are already present on the host
    Force to run with root privileges
    Restore VMs using another template, syntax: old-template-name:new-template-name (can be repeated)
-x EXCLUDE, --exclude=EXCLUDE
    Skip restore of specified VM (can be repeated)
    Do not restore dom0's user home directory
    Ignore dom0 username mismatch when restoring dom0's user home directory
-d APPVM, --dest-vm=APPVM
    Restore from a backup located in a specific AppVM
-e, --encrypted
    The backup is encrypted
-p, --passphrase-file
    Read passphrase from file, or use '-' to read from stdin
-z, --compressed
    The backup is compressed
--paranoid-mode, --plan-b
    Treat the backup as untrusted, disable restoring things potentially
    compromising security of dom0/other VMs, even when such data is properly
    authenticated. This may be used to restore a backup made on compromissed
    system. Things currently affected by this option:
      - disable dom0 home restore
      - reject compressed backups
      - reject old backup formats (Qubes R2 and older)
      - more strict validation of VM names (for example don't allow '..' in it)
      - do not restore firewall rules, attached PCI devices, attached block
        devices, menu entries
    Enable (a lot of) debug output

| Joanna Rutkowska <joanna at invisiblethingslab dot com>
| Rafal Wojtczuk <rafal at invisiblethingslab dot com>
| Marek Marczykowski <marmarek at invisiblethingslab dot com>

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