XFCE installation in dom0

Disclaimer: XFCE isn’t fully integrated with Qubes environment, it still requires notable amount of manual configuration after install


sudo qubes-dom0-update @xfce-desktop-qubes

Reboot the system. At system startup, select “Xfce session” in login screen (menu on the right bottom corner of the screen).


Things needed/recommended to be done:

  • remove some useless entries from menu and panel, especially file manager, web browser
  • create own favorites menu (currently standard XFCE menu isn’t modified to use per-VM subsections, which makes it very inconvenient):
    1. create ~/.config/menus/favorites.menu, example content:

      <!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN"
    2. add it to the panel: right click on panel, “add new items”, select “XFCE menu”, choose custom menu file - just created one