XFCE installation in dom0

Disclaimer: The article is obsolete for Qubes OS 3.2 and later.

Prior to R3.2, KDE was the default desktop environment in Qubes. Beginning with R3.2 XFCE is the new default desktop environment and does not require manual installation.


sudo qubes-dom0-update @xfce-desktop-qubes

Reboot the system. At system startup, select “Xfce session” in login screen (menu on the right bottom corner of the screen).


Things needed/recommended to be done:

  • remove some useless entries from menu and panel, especially file manager, web browser
  • create own favorites menu (currently standard XFCE menu isn’t modified to use per-VM subsections, which makes it very inconvenient):
    1. create ~/.config/menus/favorites.menu, example content:

      <!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN"
    2. add it to the panel: right click on panel, “add new items”, select “XFCE menu”, choose custom menu file - just created one