Qubes OS Community-Developed Feature Tracker

This page tracks the progress of Qubes OS features under development by members of the community.

Feature Name Issue Developer(s) Status Last Update See Also
Set dom0 wallpaper service 215 Eva Dogstar In progress 2016-08-31 [Partial PoC]
Qubes MIME handlers 441 kulinacs Partial 2016-10-14 [Partial PoC] [Post] [Discussion]
Split GPG using GPG v2.1 474 HW42 In progress 2016-06-09 [Discussion] [PoC]
More Qubes extensions for Thunderbird 845 Raffaele Florio PoC 2017-09-07 [Discussion]
Incremental backups 858 v6ak PoC 2017-03-20
Centralized Tray Notifications 889 v6ak Partial 2016-06-12 [Discussion] [PoC]
Qubes Screenshot Tool 953 Eva Dogstar PoC 2018-03-22 [Discussion]
Improve audio/video sync 1322 qubesuser Question 2016-06-12
Instant DispVMs 1512 qubesuser Blocked 2015-12-22 [PoC]
Separate `volatile.img` 1527 v6ak PoC 2016-04-23 [Discussion]
Transparent SSH SOCKS proxy for Qubes 1536 Zrubi PoC 2018-02-12
Routing Qubes master audio to a VM 1590 (none) Planning 2018-11-03 [Discussion]
KDE5 decoration plugin 1784 jgriffiths, Marek Partial 2016-07-31
Debian in dom0 1919 unman In progress 2016-11-25 [Fedora 22+ in dom0 (#1807)]
Cache updates 1957 Rustybird PoC 2017-03-18
Split SSH 1962 henn In progress 2017-04-22
qubes-split-browser 2469 Rustybird PoC 2016-11-30
USG keyboard hardware proxy 2518 Robert Fisk In progress 2017-06-12 [USG v1.0]
VM topography visualization tool 2575 Zrubi, Andrew (kyboren) PoC 2017-01-13 [Discussion 1] [Discussion 2] [Zrubi's implementation]
Integrate 2FA with LUKS 2712 the2nd, raffaeleflorio PoC 2018-08-09 [the2nd's PoC] [raffaeleflorio's PoC] [Discussion]
Multi-Update Tool 2718 Tasket PoC 2017-05-26
Qubes-VM-hardening 2748 Tasket PoC 2018-07-23 [Discussion]
qubes-url-redirector 3152 Raffaele Florio PoC 2018-10-08 [Discussion] [GSoC Project Description]
Qubes Network Server 3512 Rudd-O PoC 2016-11-05 [HVM support needed (discussion)]


Status Term Meaning
Planning Feature is being discussed to determine scope and goals. Development has not yet begun.
Partial Feature is partially complete but is not under active development.
In progress Feature is currently under development.
PoC A proof-of-concept has been successfully created, but more work (and/or code review) is required to integrate it with Qubes.
Blocked Development is blocked.
Question In order to determine the status of this feature, one or more questions need to be answered first. The question has been asked, and we are waiting to receive an answer.

About the Tracker

This tracker is maintained as a tool to assist the core Qubes developers. Its purpose is to allow the developers to have an easily-accessible, high-level, current overview of features that are being developed by community members (as opposed to core developers). In most cases, these issues have the "far in the future" milestone on GitHub, which is not very informative. This tracker offers more fine-grained information about the status of each feature, which is useful when adjusting the Qubes roadmap for the next release. In order to best serve this purpose, only those features that meet the following criteria are tracked:

This page is hosted from the qubes-issues repository.