Updating Qubes OS

This page is about updating your system while staying on the same supported version of Qubes OS. If you’re instead looking to upgrade from your current version of Qubes OS to a newer version, see the Upgrade Guides.

It is very important to keep your Qubes OS system up-to-date to ensure you have the latest security updates, as well as the latest non-security enhancements and bug fixes. Fully updating your Qubes OS system means updating:

Visit the pages above to see to how to update each one.

The final step is to make sure that all of your VMs are running a supported operating system so that they’re all receiving upstream security updates. For example, you might be using a Fedora TemplateVM. The Fedora Project is independent of the Qubes OS Project. They set their own schedule for when each Fedora release reaches end-of-life (EOL). You can always find out when an operating system reaches EOL from the upstream project that maintains it, but we also make EOL announcements and publish guides for official TemplateVM operating systems as a convenience to Qubes users. When this happens, you should make sure to follow the guide to upgrade to a supported version of that operating system (see the Fedora upgrade guides and the Debian upgrade guides). The one exception is dom0, which doesn’t have to be upgraded.