Qubes R4.0 release notes

New features since 3.2

You can get detailed description in completed github issues

Security Notes

  • PV VMs migrated from 3.2 to 4.0-rc4 or later are automatically set to PVH mode in order to protect against Meltdown (see QSB #37). However, PV VMs migrated from any earlier 4.0 release candidate (RC1, RC2, or RC3) are not automatically set to PVH mode. These must be set manually.

Known issues

  • Locale using coma as decimal separator crashes qubesd. Either install with different locale (English (United States) for example), or manually apply fix explained in that issue.

  • In the middle of installation, keyboard layout reset to US. Be careful what is the current layout while setting default user password (see upper right screen corner).

  • On some laptops (for example Librem 15v2), touchpad do not work directly after installation. Reboot the system to fix the issue.

  • List of USB devices may contain device identifiers instead of name

  • For other known issues take a look at our tickets

It is advised to install updates just after system installation to apply bug fixes for (some of) the above problems.


See Qubes Downloads.

Installation instructions

See Installation Guide.


There is no in-place upgrade path from earlier Qubes versions. The only supported option to upgrade to Qubes R4.0 is to install it from scratch and use qubes backup and restore tools for migrating of all of the user VMs. We also provide detailed instruction for this procedure.