Core Team

Marek Marczykowski-Górecki

Project lead; everything Xen / Linux related PGP Key Email GitHub
86BA 6E93 318F BA44 6642 A90A DB8F D31C CAD7 D72C
68ED 1515 FA6B D2D1 05EA 1624 BF6B D932 103A 2351

Michael Carbone

Project management and funding PGP Key Email GitHub
D3D8 BEBF ECE8 91AC 46A7 30DE 63FC 4D26 84A7 33B4

Joanna Gołębiewska

Coordination, accounting, and operations PGP Key Email
8C8F F70B 60A4 726F F451 7D96 67F4 097B AF59 B942

Andrew David Wong

Community manager; documentation and website maintainer PGP Key Email GitHub Website
BBAF 910D 1BC9 DDF4 1043 629F BC21 1FCE E9C5 4C53


Debian template maintainer PGP Key Email GitHub
C6E2 533D 976E 4B29 A82B 79CB 0C6D 15D5 E0A9 816E
AA27 B2CE F3A6 8BD1 4669 0713 E4AC C927 8A64 6816

Frédéric Pierret

General packaging, CentOS and Fedora templates maintainer PGP Key Email GitHub
9FA6 4B92 F95E 706B F28E 2CA6 4840 10B5 CDC5 76E2

Marta Marczykowska-Górecka

Qubes Manager, Linux desktop, and core development PGP Key Email GitHub
7D22 413E F3DB 0761 2CF7 3808 7D77 9BFA 6C80 6F69

Michał Chiliński

Chief Operations Officer, Invisible Things Lab PGP Key Email GitHub
6B52 7FE5 6308 5B7A 34B9 6C2F 8F90 3F3E 5662 199B
A9BC 4019 D695 AF0D D65D F726 2CA7 C96A DBDF DC5B


Emeriti are honorary members of the Qubes team who previously contributed to the project in a central way but who are no longer currently active.

Joanna Rutkowska Founder and advisor (formerly architecture, security, and development) PGP Key
ED72 7C30 6E76 6BC8 5E62 1AA6 5FA6 C3E4 D9AF BB99
Rafal Wojtczuk Architecture & system-level stuff Email
Alexander Tereshkin Qubes Windows Tools Email
Rafał Wojdyła Main developer for Qubes Windows Tools PGP Key Email
3AC8 7FA3 04E4 59D0 DF08 21A1 045A 1328 4C85 173A

Community Contributors

Qubes would not be where it is today without the input of the many users, testers, and developers of all skill levels who have come together to form this thriving community. The community's discussions take place primarily on the Qubes mailing lists and forum.

awokd Release documentation coordinator PGP Key Email
535D 4B50 D471 AEFF 755A 5171 11AB 48E6 9042 1F3E
Blacklight Localization Team co-leader Email
Bruce A Downs Minor various cleanups and miscs. Email
Desobediente Civil Localization Team co-leader, core and documentation contributions Email
Davíð Steinn Geirsson Initial Debian template integration Email
Tobias Killer Localization Team co-leader Email
Agnieszka Kostrzewa Documentation, Qubes Manager Email
Chris Laprise Core and Qubes Manager features and fixes, docs, project liason, HCL maintainer, VPN tools PGP Key Email
BEE2 20C5 356E 764A 73EB 4AB3 1DC4 D106 F07F 1886
Holger Levsen IRC community ambassador PGP Key Email
B8BF 5413 7B09 D35C F026 FE9D 091A B856 069A AA1C
Victor Lopez Misc. minor fixes Email
Abel Luck Developed TorVM Email
Olivier Médoc Core and GUI fixes, template builder generalization PGP Key Email
D85E E12F 9678 51CC F433 515A 2043 E7AC C183 3B9C
Jason Mehring Debian templates improvements, Whonix integration Email
Brennan Novak Web design, art, documentation, and minor UX contributions PGP Key Email
01AE EADB 9EED 1B5B 4280 E5B6 C4CA A23B 0F8C 68B2
Hakisho Nukama Documentation & website maintainer PGP Key Email
3FCF 9A11 1135 0DE9 FA9C 3DD0 6E7A 27B9 09DA FB92
C37B 75A1 1DC7 C9CC 6CD5 B7A9 AFE6 E6A3 D6EE 7AD6
Vincent Penquerc'h Code review, misc. fixes Email
Patrick Schleizer Whonix, Tor, and Debian integration PGP Key Email
916B 8D99 C38E AF5E 8ADC 7A2A 8D66 066A 2EEA CCDA
Andrew Sorensen Misc. backup subsystem fixes Email
Tomasz Sterna Installer & GUI Email
Radoslaw Szkodzinski Minor GUI build fixes Email
László Zrubecz HCL page maintenance, HCL scripts PGP Key Email
9AF3 388A 533E 73AD 1107 7E55 617D 7048 8F0E 7BC6