News: Qubes OS Begins Commercialization and Community Funding Efforts!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Qubes! The Qubes Project accepts monetary donations in Bitcoin (preferred) or by Credit Card. If you are interested instead in donating hardware or providing substantial and sustained funding, please visit the Qubes Partners page.

Donate Bitcoin

Bitcoin donations have zero administrative overhead for us, which means 100% of your donation goes towards supporting Qubes development! (Please note that we do not currently accept donations in other cryptocurrencies.)

Donation Address:

How to Verify the Address

The donation address can be verified via the Qubes Security Pack (QSP or qubes-secpack), specifically in the fund directory. Detailed instructions for verifying the digital signatures are available here. You can also view the address on and

About the Donation Fund

The Qubes Project maintains a decentralized Bitcoin fund using a multi-signature wallet. This means that no single person is capable of spending these funds. For further details, please see here.

Donate with a Credit Card

You can donate towards Qubes development using your credit card through Open Collective (which uses Stripe to process financial transactions). Please note that, unlike Bitcoin donations, we lose ~14% of every credit card donation to administrative overhead.

About Your Donation