Testing New Releases and Updates

Testing new Qubes OS releases and updates is one of the most helpful ways in which you can contribute to the Qubes OS Project. However, you should only attempt to do this if you know what you’re doing. Never rely on code that is in testing for critical work!


How to test upcoming Qubes OS releases:

  • Use qubes-builder to build the latest release.
  • Test the latest release candidate (RC), if any is currently available.

See Version Scheme for details about release versions and schedules. See Release Checklist for details about the RC process.


How to test updates:

Providing Feedback

If you’re testing new releases or updates, we would be grateful for your feedback.

We use an automated build process. For every package that is uploaded to a testing repository, a GitHub issue is created in the updates-status repository for tracking purposes. We welcome any kind of feedback on any package in any testing repository. Even a simple or on the package’s associated issue would help us to decide whether the package is ready to be migrated to a stable repository. If you report a bug in a package that is in a testing repository, please reference the appropriate issue in updates-status.