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We have just published Qubes Canary #11. The text of this canary is reproduced below. This canary and its accompanying signatures will always be available in the Qubes Security Pack (qubes-secpack).

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                    ---===[ Qubes Canary #11 ]===---


The Qubes core developers who have digitally signed this file [1]
state the following:

1. The date of issue of this canary is March  7, 2017.

2. There have been 28 Qubes Security Bulletins published so far.

3. The Qubes Master Signing Key fingerprint is:

    427F 11FD 0FAA 4B08 0123  F01C DDFA 1A3E 3687 9494

4. No warrants have ever been served to us with regard to the Qubes OS
Project (e.g. to hand out the private signing keys or to introduce

5. We plan to publish the next of these canary statements in the first
two weeks of June 2017. Special note should be taken if no new canary
is published by that time or if the list of statements changes without
plausible explanation.

Special announcements


Disclaimers and notes

We would like to remind you that Qubes OS has been designed under the
assumption that all relevant infrastructure is permanently
compromised.  This means that we assume NO trust in any of the servers
or services which host or provide any Qubes-related data, in
particular, software updates, source code repositories, and Qubes ISO

This canary scheme is not infallible. Although signing the declaration
makes it very difficult for a third party to produce arbitrary
declarations, it does not prevent them from using force or other
means, like blackmail or compromising the signers' laptops, to coerce
us to produce false declarations.

The news feeds quoted below (Proof of freshness) serves to demonstrate
that this canary could not have been created prior to the date stated.
It shows that a series of canaries was not created in advance.

This declaration is merely a best effort and is provided without any
guarantee or warranty. It is not legally binding in any way to
anybody. None of the signers should be ever held legally responsible
for any of the statements made here.

Proof of freshness

$ date -R -u
Tue, 07 Mar 2017 12:33:12 +0000

$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
Democracy in Europe: EU Commissioner Pushes for Hard Line on Poland
Security Holes: German Parties and Ministries Vulnerable To Hacking Attacks
Let's End the Submission: Refugee Crisis Prevents Honest Dealings with Turkey
The Dutch Donald: Geert Wilders Rides Populism Wave
Doping Investigation: Suspicions Surround Elite Nike Running Team

$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
Turkish Referendum Has Country Trading Barbs With Germany Over Free Speech
New Travel Ban Garners Same Verdict in Middle East: A Slap at Muslims
North Korea Launch Could Be Test of New Attack Strategy, Japan Analysts Say
British Woman’s Revolt Against High Heels Becomes a Cause in Parliament
The Best Country in the World? Survey Says It’s Switzerland

$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
Kim Jong-nam death: Malaysia and N Korea in tit-for-tat exit bans
Mosul battle: Troops retake main government office
EU leaders embrace multi-speed Europe amid tensions
Tignes avalanche: All skiers reported safe after resort struck by avalanche
Thaad: US begins deploying missile defence system in South Korea

$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
North Korea bars Malaysians from leaving as murder row boils
Trump signs revised travel ban in bid to overcome legal challenges
U.S. starts deploying anti-missile system in South Korea after defiant North's latest test
Iraqi forces recapture Mosul government buildings, museum
U.S.-backed Syrian militias will close in on Raqqa: spokesman


[1] This file should be signed in two ways: (1) via detached PGP
signatures by each of the signers, distributed together with this
canary in the qubes-secpack.git repo, and (2) via digital signatures
on the corresponding qubes-secpack.git repo tags. [2]

[2] Don't just trust the contents of this file blindly! Verify the
digital signatures!