Our project lead, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki will be interviewed tomorrow during the Dasharo Developers vPub. This is a virtual event hosted by the Dasharo team, who just introduced the first Qubes-certified desktop computer.

Dasharo User Group (DUG) #1 and Dasharo Developers vPub 0x6 informational poster

The Dasharo Developers vPub will be preceded by the first Dasharo User Group meeting, which may be of interest for Qubes users who wish to learn more about open-source firmware or are curious about the Dasharo FidelisGuard Z690 Qubes-certified computer.

Read the full announcement for more information.

About Dasharo

“Dasharo is an open-source firmware distribution focusing on seamless deployment, clean and simple code, long-term maintenance, professional support, transparent validation, superior documentation, privacy-respecting implementation, liberty for the owners and trustworthiness for all.” Learn more about Dasharo.

Dasharo is a registered trademark of and a product developed by 3mdeb.

About 3mdeb

3mdeb and the Qubes OS Project have been partnering together for years to hold Qubes OS Summits. Michał Żygowski shared the story with us in Qubes OS Summit: History from organizer’s perspective. You can watch videos from the 2022 summit here and here. 3mdeb has also been instrumental in recent work on TrenchBoot Anti Evil Maid for Qubes OS. Learn more about 3mdeb.