With the recent release of Whonix 14, Whonix 13 will reach EOL (end-of-life) on 2018-09-30. We strongly recommend that all Qubes users who have Whonix TemplateVMs or StandaloneVMs upgrade them to Whonix 14 by 2018-09-30. The Whonix Project provides step-by-step upgrade instructions for upgrading from Whonix 13 to 14. For a complete list of TemplateVM versions supported for your specific version of Qubes, see Supported TemplateVM Versions.

We also provide a fresh Whonix 14 TemplateVM package through the Qubes repositories, which you can install in dom0 by following the Whonix installation guide. If you encounter any difficulties when attempting to upgrade or install Whonix templates, please consult the Whonix Support page.

After upgrading your TemplateVMs, please remember to switch all qubes that were using the old template to use the new one.

If you’re using an older version of Qubes than 3.2, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to 3.2, as older versions are no longer supported.