We’re pleased to announce the stable release of Qubes 3.2.1! As we previously announced, this is the first and only planned patch release for version 3.2. Since no major problems were discovered with 3.2.1-rc1, this stable release is not significantly different from the release candidate. Features:

  • Fedora 28 TemplateVM
  • Debian 9 TemplateVM
  • Whonix 14 Gateway and Workstation TemplateVMs
  • Linux kernel 4.14

Release 3.2.1 has replaced Release 3.2 on the Downloads page.

What is a patch release?

A patch release does not designate a separate, new major or minor release of Qubes OS. Rather, it designates its respective major or minor release (in this case, 3.2) inclusive of all updates up to a certain point. Installing Qubes 3.2 and fully updating it results in the same system as installing Qubes 3.2.1.

What should I do?

If you’re currently using an up-to-date Qubes 3.2 installation, then your system is already equivalent to a Qubes 3.2.1 installation. No action is needed.

Regardless of your current OS, if you wish to install (or reinstall) Qubes 3.2 for any reason, then the 3.2.1 ISO will make this more convenient and secure, since it bundles all Qubes 3.2 updates to date. It will be especially helpful for users whose hardware is too new to be compatible with the original Qubes 3.2 installer.

As a reminder, Qubes 3.2 (and, therefore, Qubes 3.2.1) is scheduled to reach EOL (end-of-life) on 2019-03-28.

What about Qubes 4.0.1?

We recently announced the release of 4.0.1-rc1. You can help us test this release candidate and report any bugs you encounter so that they can be fixed before the stable release.