Update (2019-03-25)

Unman has generously agreed to bring the Qubes Tor onion services back and maintain them. He has considerable experience in hosting and infrastructure management, including running onion services. He is working on it now. We’ll have another update for you soon. Thank you, unman!

Original announcement

We regret to announce that the Qubes Tor onion services will no longer be maintained due to lack of resources. This includes all Qubes onion services, including the Qubes website onion mirror and the onion package repos.

We would like to thank the Whonix Project for generously maintaining these services for over a year. Maintaining the Tor onion services requires labor, servers, and bandwidth. Unfortunately, none of these resources are available to the Qubes OS or Whonix projects in sufficient quantities to allow us to continue offering these services.

We recommend that users who currently rely on any Qubes onion addresses transition to the corresponding clearnet addresses immediately.