The Whonix Project announced the release of Whonix 15 today. Project lead Patrick Schleizer wrote:

After approximately one year of development, the Whonix Project is proud to announce the release of Whonix 15.

Whonix 15 is based on the Debian buster (Debian 10) distribution. This means users have access to many new software packages in concert with existing packages, such as a modern branch of GNuPG, and more.

For a list of major new features and further details, please see the official announcement.

Please note that, according to the Whonix Support Schedule, Whonix 14 will reach end-of-life (EOL) in one month. Therefore, all current Whonix users are urged to upgrade from Whonix 14 to Whonix 15 within the next month.