This announcement includes several updates regarding Fedora TemplateVMs.

Fedora 30 approaching EOL

With the release of Fedora 32 on April 28, Fedora 30 is expected to reach EOL (end-of-life) on May 26, 2020.

Fedora 31 TemplateVM available

A new Fedora 31 TemplateVM is now available for both Qubes 4.0 and 4.1. Instructions are available for upgrading Fedora TemplateVMs. We also provide a fresh Fedora 31 TemplateVM package through the official Qubes repositories, which you can get with the following commands (in dom0).

Standard Fedora 31 TemplateVM:

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-31

Minimal Fedora 31 TemplateVM:

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-31-minimal

After upgrading to a Fedora 31 TemplateVM, please remember to switch all qubes that were using the old template to use the new one.

Fedora 32 TemplateVM in testing

For advanced users, a new Fedora 32 TemplateVM is currently available in the qubes-templates-itl-testing repository for both Qubes 4.0 and 4.1. We would greatly appreciate testing and feedback from the community regarding this template.